Life is Magic Magic is Life

We all have a choice on how we wish to view the world. It can be a miserable sad place where all we see is the pain, or we can see something else. We can also say thanks in different ways: prayers, mantra, affirmations, or just acknowledgment. I choose to honor the universe by seeing the world just the way it is~magic. So on Saturdays, a magical day all in itself, I will post the magic that’s happened to me this week. Let’s view the magic for the week of July 8-14th

1. I’ve been testing out this whole “ask and you shall receive” bit. I have student loans I have to pay for $170 plus computer payment $80. $250 I want to make extra a month (we can afford it without making extra, but it’s my debt so I would like to pay for it). So I looked up to the heavens and jokingly requested, “Alright universe. I need some money. Could you give it to me? and left it at that not expecting anything because I don’t believe in wishful thinking. Then I went to work. Massaged a client on July 7th got $45 dollars in cash tips! Worked Monday another $40!! Then my friend emails me and says, “Hey, can we get two massages?” $120! Tally: $205, $45 to go!! (but then I spent some on food, so I learned when you ask for something take note on how you receive it. And when you ask expect to take action. The universe can’t do everything 🙂 )

2. I was walking down the street with my daughter after an awesome run. So I was a bit delirious I think…Saw a giant squirrel.

And I was thinking, ‘What the hell…’ then the squirrel turned into a cat. It was big. It’s back large, dowinger hump and all

We kept walking, then the cat turned and walked past us. He had leopard stripes and stalked past us crawling through his jungle of urban lawns

 hehehehe it was funny!

Then I rounded the corner. A homeless man lay on a  bench around the corner from our apartment, his umbrella resting above him

(that’s a real picture) And he was sad but sad in his beauty and all I could see was this
Lesson: I think it’s enough said. Change the lenses so you can see from a different perspective.
3. Yesterday a bug landed on my book bag.
Me and my friend both started talking to it in the middle of a crowded subway train, and I think in our mind we were actually having a little conversation with the fly. Then he flew away, we told him to take care. We both thought differently about our relationships with even the smallest of creatures. Plus, it’s always cool when you find a kindred person who sees things the same way you do.
So those are my observations of the universe’s magic! Can’t wait to see what next week has to bring 😀

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