Writing Challenge-Self Portrait

Writing Challenge- A Self Portrait.

The challenge: to write a self portrait with a personal drawing of how you wish yourself/see yourself to be.

I thought this would be fun because I know the person I want to become. If written on the page, if spoken where the future self already exists, if drawn in a tangible form, I will have something to move toward because I will already be familiar with that woman. Plus, it’ll be cool to see what comes out. So! It’s a fun exercise. Nothing too crazy. Hope you all will join me. It would also be cool if we can share pages, or have you link your drawing to this page.

Due Date: Next Wednesday July 16th

Hope to read some cool postings! The sky is the limit. Anything goes. So don’t try to make it all perfect, just draw from the heart and write from the heart and let’s see what happens! Happy Challenge.



2 thoughts on “Writing Challenge-Self Portrait

    1. cool! I just got this message. but it’ll be fun to repost on the due date 🙂 And go ahead and try to draw yourself, you’ll be surprised what comes out. PS: I LOVE stick figures 😀 They always make me laugh.

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