Urban Gardening 101

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So there’s a confession that needs to be made…I, we, none of my friends in the city know how our food is cultivated (except for my one friend who owns a house and owns a garden-teaching lessons from her soon enough). We consume but we don’t know where our…

VS-Premier recipe Herbed Chicken

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Adrian’s Herb Chicken and Vegetable Recipe:  Ingredients:  1 Whole Roaster Chicken 4 oz Broccoli (flourets) 4 oz Potatoes 2 oz Red Peppers 2 oz Mushrooms 2 oz whole wheat flour (can do without flour for gluten free recipe)  1 cup Vegetable Stock (see recipe on our chicago farmers market…


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Adrian and Andrea, husband-wife team, have decided to take on a popular dinner meal. The name has not been mentioned, but looking at the box, we think you’ll know what we’re speaking of…. The point of this task? To combat “healthy eating”. Sure, it’s lower in caloric intake, we…

City of Chicago :: Farmers Market

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So, our website is under construction, but our excitement for the Chicago Farmer’s Markets is not! WE ARE READY! The schedule is up, and it is time to prepare for the summer festivities! City of Chicago :: Farmers Market. In celebration for the farmer’s market, we will start off…

Hello Everyone!

Just a happy post asking if everyone who is following this blog could re-direct their attention to my new blog andrearblack.com! Much appreciated :D   A. Black-Writer

I’ve been following Patrice Caldwell’s blog for some months now. She has a great grasp and focus on what type of writer she wants to be. It is inspiring to watch her success unfold. I, on the other hand, have some problem embracing what type of writer I am. I read lots of books on … Continue reading

I was de-friended on Facebook

I was de-friended on November 7th 5:00 pm. Backstory: I was Facebook friends with a person who continuously posted comments on his right wing conservative affiliations. What was my response supposed to be? It should have been nothing because this particular person, as does many people posting such comments on Facebook, feed off drama and … Continue reading

Road to Hell. A radio show

Alrighty. I said I would post my radio show and here it is. It was super fun! Co-written with Ashley Kirby, this was a true learning experience in writing. It took us two months to develop. Write, re-write, adapt, re-write, edit, sound cues, rehearse, record, perform, record. So, lots of work for 30 minutes of … Continue reading


So sorry I’ve been away. Haven’t written in a week? Is that all? It feels like a month. Anywhoo, it’s been a crazy time. I’ve been in this mode of action and when you start you can’t stop! But this is not what this blog posting is about. I will leave all plugs for my … Continue reading